Joint-stock company E - Centrum a.s. has been founded on 16th April, 1991

Since its formation till the present time it concentrates on consulting services in public relations and marketing, on real estate services (especially on the management of its own real estate) and further it functions as a holding, i.e. it owns and manages shares in other companies.

The company E - Centrum a.s. is also the owner of mountain boarding house Sedmidolí ( or recreational facility Jizbice pod Blaníkem (, which are on a long term lease. Besides it is a shareholder of the companies ELTON hodinářská, a.s.(, the comapny Dyas EU, a.s. (, holds a share in Nakladatelství Olympia, s.r.o. ( and is the holder of more than a third of the Vladimír Jiránek copyright (Bob a Bobek, Pat a Mat; It also owns shares in the companies dealing in real estate activities (Hermes International, a.s., E.C. Region s.r.o., E.C. Liberec s.r.o.) or it manages them (e.g. E.C. Domino, s.r.o.)..

The company also manages investments of foreign investors in the sphere of real estate, e.g. through the company Region, a.s. (One hundred per cent owner is BBG Investment & Consulting AG Zürich held by Dr. Ulrich Sigg.)

In the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 the company E - Centrum a.s. received awards in the competition "Czech 100 best". It is about hundred Czech companies which achieve excellent, extraordinary and pozitively notable results. E - Centrum a.s. is a member of the Association of Realtors in Czech Republic.

The firm's basic capital amounts to 50 mil. Kč (Czech crowns). The only share holder of E - Centrum a.s. and the owner of the company is Michal Voráček.

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